The most successful websites have their founders write the first draft.

This workshop, designed for business owners and founders, will walk you through the 5 standard pages you need to write to get started. I'll provide you a list of the exact sections you need to write for each page, and we'll discuss tips and strategies for breaking through writer's block and banging out the copy you need to get started.

When you're starting a new company, no one knows your vision for your products, services and goals better than you do. That's why it's so important that you're able to articulate them in print, so that you can take your vision out of your head and put it on screen. This workshop will give you the tools.

*Even if you don't consider yourself a good writer, or if the language you're writing your website in is not your native language, the first draft should come from you (you can always hire a copyeditor to polish it)

What happens when you try to build a website without having your copy in place?