The Top 5 Tips For Working With Remote Clients Or Managing Remote Teams

Bring your project management skills into 2021 and build confidence and productivity when working with remote teams. With this cheatsheet you’ll unlock how to:

✓ Give and receive higher-quality feedback
✓ Save time and confidently eliminate unncessary meetings
✓ Manage or work with remote teams in a way that helps everyone become more independent and productive
✓ Improve project management so all stakeholders have clarity on where you're at and where you're headed
✓ Add a fun and personalized touch that helps build connection despite the distance

Top 9 Tips: How To Get Started As A (Profitable!) Freelancer

Use these tips to speed up your journey to your first $1k, $10k, or $100k USD. You’ll learn how to:

✓ Streamline your business processes
✓ Polish your service delivery & build better relationships with clients
✓ Attract better-paying clients
✓ Set yourself up for growth

The Top 6 Things To Avoid When Starting A New Website

The inside scoop on the most common mistakes and misconceptions I’ve seen among business owners & founders that cause major project delays or scope creep.

It’s crucial for business owners and founders to be aware of these upfront. Only then can your web designers and developers showcase your business at its best and build your website as efficiently as possible.


The 6 Things To Focus On Instead Of SEO

SEO often gets misleadingly hyped as a series of easy “hacks” that lead to passive marketing, but that’s not how it works.

In fact, focusing too narrowly on SEO can hurt your visibility and compromise the user experience on your website, driving people away. Get the inside scoop on why focusing on SEO won’t raise your SEO, and what you should focus on instead for lasting, profitable, quality results.

✓ Set your business up for growth
✓ Make your vision for both your website and your company come to life
✓ Make your web design & development process run smoothly, efficiently and on time