Website Storytelling Magic: Part 1

Are you ready to start and grow a business, but have no idea where to start?

Learn how to connect with your target audience or customers before you even say a word.

By the end of this course, you'll have all resources you need to establish the authority to go generate your first $1k in revenue from your new business.

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Are you ready to communicate with your target audience or customers before even saying a word?

With Brand Identity in a Weekend, you'll learn how to reach your target audience with a fresh logo, fonts, and color palette strategically designed to visually communicate the story of your products, services and what sets your company apart. Through visual communication, you'll build a brand identity that will:


Brand Identity in a Weekend

Your Guide to Visual Communication Through Storytelling

It's time to give voice to your brand and business — visually . Part 1 of Website Storytelling Magic will walk you through how to create a compelling brand identity thats visually communicates the story of your company's values, products and services.

You'll learn how to...

This course will show you how to create a brand identity (and a website!) that is:

All in an easy-to-follow video format where you'll be looking over my shoulder, with lessons designed to make this simple to do on your own.

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Brand identity is about visual communication. At core, all branding is about nothing more than communication—just like a conversation, just like an email, just like any other interaction we have with a fellow human being. It’s just that in this case, we’re not communicating with someone by talking to them: we’re communicating using visual imagery.

In other words, your brand identity is all about visual communication, the ability to communicate the brand values and value proposition of your products and services through pictures. We’ll talk about brand values and your value proposition more in our course. 

While this course is targeted at business owners and founders, if you are a Graphic Designer, Logo Maker, Brand Identity Designer, or Web Graphic Creator and looking for a scaleable, repeatable system that will help streamline your business processes and maximize the impact you have for your clients, this course will give you the blueprint you need to get started.

In my web development business, most of my clients wind up spending 3-6 weeks of time and money to hash out their brand identity, going through rounds and rounds of revisions. Sometimes they’ve also spent thousands of dollars on fancy PowerPoints or PDFs that display their new brand identity materials in beautiful ways, but provide no useful information whatsoever for when it comes to expanding their brand identity into web design and development.

Both the time spent and the fancy display materials are completely unnecessary. Brand identity design is something that you can do for yourself in a weekend, and your materials will be on par with the top 20% of my clients. They’ll be correctly formatted, visually pleasing, and optimized for web display.

In this class I’ll also walk you through exactly what you’ll need to present to your web designer and/or web developer so that they can best serve you, no fancy PowerPoint layouts or PDFs needed.

If you have a passion for design software you’ll have a leg up, but you don’t need to be a designer to create a brand identity that feels “right” and looks good. The most important thing in successfully creating your brand identity are a few simple formulas for understanding what makes a good brand identity, and then the basic know-how on how to get the ideas from your head onto a screen. We’ll walk you through all of this, it’s way more straightforward than you might think.

Very few. I’m serious. If you can work your way around Microsoft Word/Google Docs, send an email, and maybe have once or twice dabbled in making changes to an Excel/Google Sheets document, you’ll be fine. Similarly, if you’ve ever created an online newsletter, built an online survey, or created anything in InDesign you’ll be fine as well.

What makes this course unique?

In Brand Identity in a Weekend, we'll review the quick things you may have already learned through our 3-day email challenge, but we'll also go deeper into:


#1 Audience Profile Builder

#2 Working with web designers & developers: What files to send them and why

Learn how to package your brand identity to send it your web designer or developer, to make handoff as easy as pie and ensure your website process runs smoothly.

#3 How to design business cards and letterhead

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